Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cool Study Trip Ideas

Subjects like science and history are among the easiest to teach through field trips. Why not organise an adventure to one of the world's most historically fascinating cities?

Saint Petersburg

In Russia's spectacular second city it feels like every tree and every wall has a story to tell. Saint Petersburg simply lives and breathes history so it is a great destination for history buffs, and those keen on art, music and literature.

It is nor a cheap nor an extortionate destination, provided you plan ahead. Most attractions charge different prices for locals and foreign visitors so if you have a Russian friend willing to accompany you and buy the tickets, you could save money.

The first stop should be the State Hermitage Museum with its incredible collection of treasures from pre-historic times right through to the contemporary art scene. As the ancient residence of the Tsars, the building has quite the atmosphere and splendour.

Kresty Prison Museum is a more sombre destination. The prison facility has historically held prisoners including Trotsky and Brodsky. Despite being open to the public as an attraction, the prison is still fully operational, and being able to see and hear prisoners can leave visitors disturbed so visit with caution.

Peterhof or the "Russian Versaille" will lift your spirits. The Grand Palace is set in sprawling parkland dotted with fountains in all shapes and sizes. It is yet another ancient residence of the Tsars.


The British capital has enough on offer for a month-long study trip. Unfortunately, this would mean having to pay for a month's worth of food and accommodation in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Instead of having to fork out a fortune, try to cram as much as possible into just a few days, such as visits to some of the city's free museums and historic attractions.

The Science Museum is an excellent centre for discovery that both boasts a fascinating permanent collection and hosts regularly changing exhibitions on topics from medicine to natural disasters.

Other free venues include the Natural History Museum, Museum of Garden History, The Royal Hospital at Chelsea, Kenwood House, and Hogarth's House.

It really can be easy and cheap to arm yourself with knowledge in London!

Soak up the academic atmosphere in some of the city's libraries. The University of London has libraries scattered throughout the city, and you can find the British Library on Euston Road with an impressive selection of publications, and regular exhibitions.