Sunday, January 1, 2012

Landmark Education, Still Going Strong

Landmark forum alumni stated that what they sought for initially was adventure. Instead they ended up with an experience that changed their lives for good. The 3 day seminar was something worth their time. Basically, Landmark education focuses on personal development. The courses build on concepts such as setting of goals, resolution of conflict, happiness and interpersonal relationship. These are important aspects in your daily life. According to this training, once you are able to handle these areas, your life will change.

Landmark education boasts of an over 700 strong course facilitator work force. Their mandate is to mould you through different activities using tried and tested skills. During such a session, you are guided on how to unearth past policies that have been guiding your life. You are then led to a reflection of barriers that prevent you from moving forward. In the end, Landmark forum equips you with skills and renewed ability to improve your life and career.

The progress you and other participants make lead to experience sharing sessions. For instance, a Landmark forum moderator may give out assignments during a session. You are then supposed to stand at the podium and narrate your experiences to others. The assignment requires you to detail the problem and the steps you have taken to deal with it. Most participants draw from experiences in their relationships with friends, colleagues and family members. The Landmark education facilitator guides the participants accordingly.

Landmark education does not discriminate participants. It does not matter your religious or cultural background. Neither does culture or gender hinder you from being in the program. The sessions take place in over 20 countries across the world. Language is not a barrier as course materials are prepared in major languages recognized universally. Attendees are asked to invite colleagues, friends and members of their families. Landmark forum opponents argue that this is used to put pressure on visitors to enroll.

Landmark forum courses are not therapy based. Instead the emphasis is on discovering for yourself how to deal with situations and bring them under control. As a participant, you should share the things you have learnt with members of your family. Some will oppose while others will support your decision. In the end, Landmark education is all about an individual. It is fuelled by your desire to change present circumstances or remain stagnated. Those who spread Landmark education cult rumors should be reminded that the program has also been used by companies and prominent personalities. You should also get a balanced perception on these courses as a beacon of your decision.