Thursday, November 15, 2012

Study Habits for Middle School Students

Ohhh I still remember when I was at Middle school, those beautiful days. At the beginning of each year, everything was very nice, new friends, new teachers some times, playing football and running from one side to the other all the time... Anyway it was beautiful "at the beginning of course" hahaha, because over time, the headaches started to appear.

You guys know what I'm talking about, when I say headaches right?

Yes that's right, tests, exams, many subjects, homework; ugh it was a big headache to put everything in my little head...

But well, we cannot do anything about it, we really have to study to acquire more knowledge... otherwise in the future we will be a Joe nobody (and nobody wants that);

Although the classes are boring, and we have so many pages to study, and many formulas to memorize, it is our duty, to know how to study, and have the best grades to step up to the next year and let our parents happy.

You should have good grades not only to glad your parents, but to glad yourself, because in the future, you will have a better profession, and you will be the person who will benefit most.

In middle school there are many more disciplines than in elementary school, and usually, the student may not be accustomed to so many disciplines, and may end up shuffling. It is very important to know how to organize your notes, because later you will need them when you're studying, and if they are organized, it will be easier to find each subject.

Summaries, summaries, summaries, much attention to it, always write the summary, always! As we all know the summary contains the topics that are spoken in the classroom. If you ever decide to study for a test, and you are not quite sure what you have to study, or where to start, you know where you have to search, right? Open your notebook, and check the summaries, you will find everything you need.

Another crucial tip is to study daily. I do not recommend creating the habit of studying only on the eve of exams or tests, because besides you stay too stressed, and do not manage to retain everything in the brain, you will accumulate a lot of subjects, and it will be hard to put everything in the head, in a short time.

Now imagine that you have 2 - 3 or 4 tests in a week? How are you going to study everything at once on the eve? It's impossible... you will get so stressed, and your head will "KABOOM"!

Maybe you can manage to pass on some tests, but most of the tests will go all wrong, trust me.

Well I gave you, some tips on how to get good study habits in middle school, read and follow what I said, and you will have good results, do not forget to pay close attention in class, write everything on paper and take notes of what the teacher say.